Why should I get an Appraisal for my property on the Sunshine Coast?

An Appraisal offers an unbiased, informed opinion of the market value of the property you are invested in. This can include the future value of a property being developed, securing a mortgage, property tax assessment, capital gains and income tax purposes, and Estate and litigation matters. It is also an excellent tool to establish the current value of a property being bought or sold.

What does a Coast Wide Appraiser do?

Once you have ordered an appraisal we will arrange a time for an Appraiser to inspect the property. We will thoroughly inspect your property, including the interior and exterior of any buildings on the property. Detailed notes, measurements and photographs are taken of both the interior and exterior of the property to ensure a comprehensive report.

Following the on-site inspection, a search of multiple databases including municipal records, MLS listings and relevant sales data allows us to view recent sales comparable to your property. We can then compare their condition, location and sale price to help determine your property’s market value. A comprehensive report in written and upon completion provided to your lender or directly to you depending on how the appraisal was ordered. Our offices are always available following the completed report to assist you with any questions.

Why should I hire a member of the Appraisal Institute of Canada (AIC)?

Appraisers with AIC designations adhere to professional practice and ethics standards and have successfully completed high-level University education along with extensive mentorship.

What does Coast Wide Appraisals charge for an appraisal?

Each appraisal request is evaluated based on location, complexity and time commitment required to complete the report. The Appraiser assigned to your request will provide a quote based on a set fee schedule taking into considerations any complexities and challenges the property presents. All fees are subject to 12% HST.

How do I contact Coast Wide Appraisals?

By Mail: PO Box 1252 Gibsons, BC V0N 1V0.

By Phone: 604.886.9831. By Fax: 604.886.3263. By Email: info@coastwideappraisals.com

Or jump directly to our Order an Appraisal page to complete a real estate evaluation request.